Chechen Translation


Job description

Would you like to become part of the future of speech technology?

We’re now looking for speakers of Chechen for a speech data collection project.


  • Language skills required: Chechen native, English fluent

  • Must have stable internet connection

To apply for the project, register on our website at

We will review your application and you will receive an email with further details if it is successful.

Project Description:

You will be asked to translate English sentences into Chechen. The content is neutral, in no way offensive or controversial.

About TAUS

TAUS has been active since 2005 in the localization industry as a think-tank first, and more recently as a provider of language data for AI applications. We are particularly active in the niche area of language data for languages that are not yet well represented online, including local dialects.

For this purpose, in 2019 we started the TAUS Human Language Project, a dedicated online platform to perform different types of language data services like translation, data evaluation, annotation and speech data collection.