Speech Data Collector

United States

Job description

TAUS is a provider of language data for various AI applications. Through the Human Language Project, we collect and create multilingual data in text and audio form. This data is used to further advance various language technologies, such as automated translation, multilingual chatbots and virtual voice assistants.

Currently we are working on a US English speech data collection project and are looking for a project-based Local Speech Data Collector who could facilitate the data collection in the United States, with a specific focus on some local accents and on the age group 65+ to ensure equal data representation in all demographic groups. The estimated duration of the project is 4-6 weeks.


  • Identify and recruit US English speakers in the age group of 65+ by approaching local community centres, nursing homes and other suitable organizations,

  • Plan the speech collection sessions and travel to the sites to perform the data collection,

  • Assist the contributors in the audio recording process (about 45 minutes per submission),

  • Edit transcriptions of spontaneous speech recordings,

  • Handle payment to the speakers.


  • Advanced English language skills

  • Comfortable using web software

  • Exceptional listener and communicator

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Self-starter who takes initiative with minimal supervision

  • Able to travel locally

  • Must possess a smartphone or computer with audio recording capability

  • Located in the United States

You will be provided with:

  • Training on how to use the data collection platform

  • On-project assistance by the TAUS team

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, please send your CV and motivation to hlp@taus.net.